From us to the world


From us to the world

The idea of introducing delicious Japanese food to the world and bringing smiles to the faces of consumers is a source of motivation for us as we work every day. Driven by our corporate philosophy of "Quality Merchandising and Good Service" we have a system in place designed to help us ensure that the highest standards of food safety are maintained for the more than 10,000 products we handle while making sure the particular needs of each individual customer is met.

The expanding Japanese food market

Kikkoman soy sauce has been sold in over 100 countries around the world.Recognition of Japanese food, especially Sushi, is obviously expanse to the market.

According to JETRO's foreign trade statistics, the amount of exporting food products from Japan has increased to 2.2 times in 10 years.

In 2011, due to the Great Eastern Japan earthquake, amount of export was slightly declined; however, group companies of the world report that it tends to increase in 2012.

Nowadays, a food market requires different types of foodstuffs; one is high quality and luxury ingredients, and the other is good value with affordable price.

We provide the high quality foodstuffs from Japan and we also look for the low price foodstuffs from other countries.

Besides, in order to develop new products, we cooperate with manufacturers inside and outside the country.

In terms of the increase rate of food imports to the United States, the pace of expansion of food products from Southeast Asia is much greater than Japan.
We believe demand for products that value price will increase in the future.

Meanwhile, in order to keep safety and security in food, we visit our contracted plants and check the production processes to meet very high standards.

Additionally, as a risk hedge for climate changes, currency fluctuations and political stability issues, we purchase food products from many countries for a stable supply.

We run the business around the world to provide the best products to our customers.

What we can do

  • Distribution management in temperature zones adequate for our product characteristics
  • Correspondence to legislation in each country and information sharing with manufacturers.
  • PB products development proposals to supermarkets and restaurant chains in each country.
  • Co-development of original products.
  • Monitoring of sales operations and markets.
  • Assistance in marketing and promotion for product sales.
  • Guidance and information for events like expos abroad.
  • Total consulting for customers who wish to branch out abroad.